Big Things Coming in a Few Short Weeks!

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you all know that I am still alive, well and cooking up things in the kitchen. And I am working on a project that I am SO EXCITED about!

photo (77)I’ve been working my tail off to get my new site, The Simple Kitchen, up and running. Why you ask? When I started Food-Life Balance, I was not using my own original photography and some of the recipes here are simple modifications of other people’s creations. So this new site will have similar recipes as you have seen here but I’ve been upping my game in learning photography (although the picture above is not an accurate portrayal of that – this was something I snapped with my iPhone while at a cafe) and working on creating all my own recipes to post on the site. The focus will still be simple, healthy, plant-based recipes that taste delightful!

And the good news for all of you that subscribe here is that you will automatically start receiving those recipes in a few weeks when the site goes live. Food-Life Balance will stay available so if you reference this site for recipes often (I know I do!), you’ll still be able to find them here. I just won’t be adding new content here as it will be added at The Simple Kitchen.

I look forward to having you all join me on this new adventure!



Photo Essay: A Taste of Greece

Scott and I spent the past few weeks touring, tasting and exploring Greece. One major takeaway, I have from the trip is: Keep it Simple! As you’ll see below, it is quality over creativity in these dishes and they were just so darn good!

photo 1

Strawberry + Kiwi + Yogurt + Honey

photo 2

Mixed Meze Platter

photo 3

Everything is fresh and local in Paros, even the flowers!… 

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10 Food Guidelines to Live By


I’ve read all of Michael Pollan’s books, with the exception of the latest (which I am excited to read!), and I love his philosophy on health and nutrition.  He promotes eating food, mostly plants and not too much – simple, right?!?!… 

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Be Where You Are…


Koh Phi Phi, Thailand – 2013

My nature is to really take advantage of places and things. When I travel I want to eat, see, do and explore all that I can. When I am in a new environment, I think to myself “You may not be back, take in as much as you can now!” Hence, the tendency to over order at restaurants :). But it is also important to realize the beauty and the opportunities of just being where you are. Not doing, just being. 

Even if you aren’t totally thrilled with where you are in a particular moment, it’s probably because you aren’t actually where you really are – you are thinking ahead or behind, trying to complete a task or check a box, focusing on something that is not actually happening in that moment…. 

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Top TED Talks: Creativity

One of the things I like to do on my mornings walks is listen to TED talks. I find that they inspire me to think new thoughts and do new things… or they may simply just inspire me to be happier and healthier. Over the past few months, I have come up with a list of TED talks I love in different categories.

I’ve talked about the importance of creativity in the past, so I thought that would be a good place to start – below you’ll find a few of my favorite talks on the topic of getting creative…. 

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10 Reasons to Love San Francisco

There are WAY more than 10 reasons to love San Francisco but here’s a list of just a few…


View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field

1. You get the benefits of a big city in a small space (7X7 miles). I know there are some who think SF is too small, but I love that I literally live between 10 and 20 minutes, either walking or driving, from all of my friends or favorite restaurants. It allows for regular and spontaneous get togethers and ease in exploring new places and things.

2. Every direction you turn there is an amazing view. Whether it is a bridge view, a skyline view, a monument or a hilly street view, every single one of them is gorgeous… and you literally get a new perspective of the city from almost every corner…. 

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A Small 3 Minute Favor

Hi friends,

I’m cooking up some plans over here at FLB – no pun intended :). So, I have a small favor to ask that should take no more than 3 minutes of your time!

I have prepared a short survey to understand people’s cooking habits and motivators. Given that I only want to offer something that would be useful to YOU, I was hoping you could take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

I very much value your thoughts and opinions so your responses will make a big difference! The more input we have, the better, so please pass the link along to your friends as well. Click here to access the survey and you can click on the buttons below to share it on Facebook or email to your friends.

I appreciate all of you so much and look forward to what is to come!



A Celebration of Love!

I know a lot of people out there really don’t like Valentine’s Day because it is a Hallmark holiday and restaurants jack up their prices or because they are single and hate the emphasis that Valentine’s Day has on relationships. I get this but I have a totally different perspective of Valentine’s Day…

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.23.25 PM… 

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5 Simple Daily Habits That Will Make a Big Difference

Wander for a bit

1. Be outside every single day. And this does not include looking out the window of your house or car! There is something incredibly refreshing about being outdoors and being able to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of nature. I try to do a short walk every morning or evening. It may only be 5 minutes but it gives me time outdoors. You can combine this with a workout or just simply go and sit in an outdoor space in your home or office. The fresh air and nature will do the rest of the work.

2. Give yourself some time to be quiet. Many people do this in the form of meditating. Personally, I like to give myself 10 minutes or so to ease into the day. If my day begins rushed, I feel like I am catching up the rest of the day, so I allow myself a few minutes to just wake up. If I need to set an alarm, I will set it a little earlier to give myself these few minutes. I know that may not be realistic for everyone (no kiddos are waking me up…) but you can find other times throughout the day as well – take a short walk, take a bath, or right when you get home from work take a few moments to sit on the couch with all electronics in the other room. Sometimes you just need this silence to reset and remind yourself of who you are.


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The Best Way to Learn Another Language…

photo (38)

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, one of my intentions for 2014 is to improve my Spanish… I mean after studying Spanish in college and 2 months abroad, I really should know how to have a conversation!

Anyway, Scott and I got some great practice on our recent Costa Rica trip. Being able to associate words with experiences makes it SO much easier to learn. We fell in love with the sloths (perezosos), saw a ton of happy cows (vaca feliz) and had some pretty funny mistakes, which are actually the best learning tool of all! Once you make a mistake, you learn from it, probably laugh a little as a result of it and you are likely to never do it again. So today I share with you some of our recent second language screw-ups…. 

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