10 Reasons to Love San Francisco

There are WAY more than 10 reasons to love San Francisco but here’s a list of just a few…


View of the Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field

1. You get the benefits of a big city in a small space (7X7 miles). I know there are some who think SF is too small, but I love that I literally live between 10 and 20 minutes, either walking or driving, from all of my friends or favorite restaurants. It allows for regular and spontaneous get togethers and ease in exploring new places and things.

2. Every direction you turn there is an amazing view. Whether it is a bridge view, a skyline view, a monument or a hilly street view, every single one of them is gorgeous… and you literally get a new perspective of the city from almost every corner.

photo (40)

The Palace of Fine Arts

3. The people here love food as much as I do. As you guys know, nothing excites me quite like food… and when you pair that food with a delicious cocktail or some local wine it is even better! I love how there is every type of restaurant imaginable and its totally appropriate to spend an entire lunch talking about where to go for dinner or spend hours discussing one’s favorite place to eat. My taste buds certainly like SF as much as I do!

4. The energy is like no where else I’ve been. Whether it is one of those amazing warm nights or some sort of crazy festival, the energy around you radiates and is contagious. There have been many times where I am walking home from work with leftovers in the fridge but the energy on the street is so incredible that I am pulled by it – so I call Scott or a friend to grab a drink or a bite to eat.


The revelry of Chestnut street the night the Giants won the World Series

5. Anything goes…literally. You want to wear crazy clothes (or no clothes), it’s totally cool. You want to work for a big corporate company or start your own, it’s totally cool. You want to be a raw vegan activist, it’s totally cool but so is being a meat eating connoisseur. Anything and everything is accepted. I see this as a compassionate and charming characteristic of this city.

6. There are so many reasons to be outdoors. I was born and raised in Southern California and always heard complaints about SF weather. We live in California for pete’s sake, there is no room to complain about weather! Even on days where it is foggy or rainy, I still find myself ok with going outside to run to the store, go on a jog or take a walk. Maybe it has something to do with those views mentioned in point 2 but in my 7+ years of living here, there are few days that I have not wanted to be outside.


Land’s End Trail

7. Every apartment is unique. Whether it is a wall ironing board cabinet, an old ice box or brightly colored bathroom tiles, every place has its own charm, which makes it so fun to visit friends! And it’s a nice reminder of the history of this city.

8. Within a few minutes drive, you are transported somewhere new – another reason it is not a big deal if it is a bad weather day! On the east of SF you have the funky cool town of Berkeley and to the north you have Marin with it’s amazing views, restaurants and outdoor activities. And don’t get me started on wine country. In under an hour you are in one of my favorite places in the whole wide world,  sipping on wine in the sunshine feeling like you are in Tuscany… I pinch myself every time I am there and realize it is in my backyard.


Carneros, CA

9. Walking everywhere. Scott and I share a car that rarely gets used. I take it when work brings me up to Marin and Scott uses it when he has meetings in the Mission but other than that, it is hardly used and I love it. I often times choose to walk or use public transportation instead of driving because it is such a liberating feeling. Within a 10 minute walk you can find a grocery store, a workout studio, a movie theater and tons of yummy restaurants – oh and not to mention monuments such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts.

10. Falling asleep to the fog horns. At first it was a little strange but I have come to love this sound. To me, it is simply another reminder of how unique and spectacular this city is.


 A view from Sausalito of the fog rolling in

Comment below about what you love about San Francisco!



  1. says

    I love everything on your list AND the friendly welcoming people! When we first moved I didn’t know anyone and lo and behold we got the best neighbors ever! San Francisco itself has that kind of welcoming charm too. It’s just so homey. Great post and beautiful, pictures, Chels!

  2. Melanie Murrish says

    It’s been on my list for years-when I visit, I’ll be sure to wear flowers in my hair! Great post and fab photos.

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