A Celebration of Love!

I know a lot of people out there really don’t like Valentine’s Day because it is a Hallmark holiday and restaurants jack up their prices or because they are single and hate the emphasis that Valentine’s Day has on relationships. I get this but I have a totally different perspective of Valentine’s Day…

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In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is simply a reason to celebrate and appreciate love. Just the same way that a birthday is a reminder and a reason to tell someone how you feel about them, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of how amazing it is to love… And it’s not about any one type of love, because love comes in many forms.

Of course there is romantic love which generally involves a spouse or significant other. But there is also the love you have for your friends and family, the love you have for an animal, the love you have for people, places things and most importantly the love that you have for yourself. Even if you don’t have any of the other things listed above, we all have the opportunity to celebrate self love. And if you take a moment to think about it love really is quite lovely…

Love makes a normal day special.

Love makes us giddy, makes us shine and makes us do silly things.

Love makes us warm inside, even when it is cold outside.

The way you love and the things you love make you uniquely you.

Other emotions get bottled but love, it overflows!

Love is what connects us to each other – it is love that allows us to understand and sympathize with others.

So, instead of finding a reason to be sad or angry – allow this Valentine’s Day to be an excuse to say ‘I Love You’ to someone or something, even if that someone is you!

With lots of love,


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