5 Simple Daily Habits That Will Make a Big Difference

Wander for a bit

1. Be outside every single day. And this does not include looking out the window of your house or car! There is something incredibly refreshing about being outdoors and being able to take in all the sights, sounds and smells of nature. I try to do a short walk every morning or evening. It may only be 5 minutes but it gives me time outdoors. You can combine this with a workout or just simply go and sit in an outdoor space in your home or office. The fresh air and nature will do the rest of the work.

2. Give yourself some time to be quiet. Many people do this in the form of meditating. Personally, I like to give myself 10 minutes or so to ease into the day. If my day begins rushed, I feel like I am catching up the rest of the day, so I allow myself a few minutes to just wake up. If I need to set an alarm, I will set it a little earlier to give myself these few minutes. I know that may not be realistic for everyone (no kiddos are waking me up…) but you can find other times throughout the day as well – take a short walk, take a bath, or right when you get home from work take a few moments to sit on the couch with all electronics in the other room. Sometimes you just need this silence to reset and remind yourself of who you are.

3. Pat yourself on the back. I did a post a while back about this and you can read more here, but it’s really hard to feel uplifted if we don’t give ourselves praise. I mean why do we work so hard if we don’t even take time to appreciate it?!?! These do not have to be big things, everyone deserves credit, even for the smallest things… and if you always wait for others to give you that credit, you might be waiting a long time!

4. Share your feelings. Often times, our busy days cause us to have many thoughts and feelings that are not communicated but it makes such a difference when we take the time to communicate them. For example, I saw this beautiful flower on my morning walk the other day. I believe that my mom, a Master Gardener, gave me my love and appreciation for flowers, so I sent her this picture and thanked her for making me appreciate this beauty. She said it was the most beautiful thing she has seen in a while and that my message made her day… and all I did was write out what I was thinking! So next time you have a nice thought or memory about someone, let them know – it is bound to light up their day.

Share your feelings

5. Connect (in person) with another human being. Most of us are in contact with others on a daily basis, so this really shouldn’t be that hard. But being around people does not mean you connect with them. Human beings thrive on human interaction… so if you are not connecting with others and thriving, you are slowly withering. Connecting means looking someone in the eye as you smile, or asking them how they are and taking time to listen and feel their answer, or reaching out to a loved one to catch up. My favorite and most simple way to do this is when I am ordering at a coffee shop, restaurant, etc. Usually people say, “What can I get you?” or “How can I help you?” Instead of just rattling off my order, I like to say (with a smile and looking them in the eye) “Hi, how are you doing today?” You’d be amazed how many people are caught off guard when they are genuinely asked how they are!!! Sadly, real human interaction has become a rarity and is replaced by a customer – service person relationship… yet we all thrive on finding true connection. So find ways to connect with others – I promise you’ll feel better (and so will they!) as a result of it.

What daily habits do you have that make a big difference? Leave a reply in the comments below!




  1. Michelle says

    Great habits! Usually I like to have a big glass of water (500ml) straight away after I get up in the morning.
    I just feel great afterwards, like my body was thirsty from the sleeping time. : )


  2. says

    Consistently performing small healthy habits can have such a positive effect on your wellbeing. Whether it’s going for a short walk every day, unplugging an hour before bedtime or adding veggies to your lunch, all these little changes add up and slowly transform your health. Thank you for reminding us Chelsea!

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