Out With The Old, In With the New: A New Year, A New You!

New Year's

A lot of people don’t really like new year’s goals/resolutions, etc., and to be quite honest, I am not a huge goal setter. But every year, I do use January as a time to reflect on what I am currently doing and determine whether or not it is taking me in a direction that I want to go. If it is not, then I like to come up with ways to redirect that. I also try to set one main intention for the year. In 2014, that intention for me is: to expand my knowledge!

Now, there is nothing that makes you more accountable than sharing your goals, dreams, plans or intentions with others so here goes nothing…

2014 – To expand my knowledge of:

1. The online business world. I have started takingย Fizzle, which is an amazing online tool (by three awesome dudes!) to help you understand and develop an online business. That means exciting things for FLB in 2014. I have plans and ambitions to learn more about food photography, redesign this site, find more like minded folks and add useful tools and resources for all the chefs or chefs to be out there.

2. Language. I have a background in Spanish but given the fact that Scott has spent a lot more time in Spain than I, his Spanish is far better than mine. That means he does most of the speaking on our travels to Spanish speaking countries. However, that all changes this weekend when we touch down in Costa Rica! We have already determined that I am going to do the majority of the ordering, conversing, etc. There is no quicker way to figure something out than to get out of your comfort zone. Upon our return, I would like to have regular meet ups so that I can speak Spanish on a consistent basis.

3. My relationships. I have never seen higher expectations with lower resources than learning how to be in relationships. We enter into relationships with friends, family members and significant others with literally zero training yet we are expected to know how to be a wife/sister/mother/friend for all different personality types or what to do in a disagreement. More than that, we are supposed to be able to understand the opposite sex when we are literally wired differently! My head hurts just thinking about it… Anyway, I always like to read, attend seminars and talk to people that are experts in this field so I plan to continue that this year.

What are your intentions this year? Develop accountability and add them to the comments below!



  1. says

    Hi Chelsea,

    Love your goals for 2014. Spending a lot of my vacations in Spain I decided to learn Spanish and last december I stepped out of my comfort zone and started conversations with the Spanish and yes it was scary in the beginning I felt proud to ask something and order in Spanish, to talk Spanish and understand most of what they were saying. It made me proud.

    My goals are enjoying live and family and friends, improving my photography, to speak and write better Spanish, to learn and to develop and so on.

    So have a great time with your goals and love life.

  2. admin says

    Claro que si!!!! Voy a enviar un postal de Costa Rica para comenzar.

    Gracias chica ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. says

    My two big themes this year:

    1. Bring people together.

    2. Stay centered and calm.

    I think I know where to go for the second one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. says

    Gidday Chelsea,
    I found your site through Scott’s ‘About me’ page. I am so happy that you share your recipes as they will help with my goals for this year. My goal major goals:

    Health: This encompasses, spiritual, physical, emotional and environmental health.

    Career development: Like you I am interested in developing an online persona, though I’ve just begun. I am taking Scotts ‘Live Off Your Passion’ course and loving it! I am at the very beginning but feel there is hope for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Improve relationships: I am eager to improve my relationships with those around me and take a greater interest in their stories. I want to be remembered as positive and helpful, this will take some effort as I can live in my own little world (daydreamer).

    Best of wishes for achieving all your goals in 2014 and beyond!

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