You Are What You Eat, You Are What You Think!

This site is dedicated to health, wellness and balance. Of course a lot of that has to do what we put into our bodies in terms of healthful and nutritious food. However, it’s not only about the things we eat but also the things we tell ourselves. As much as you are what you eat, you truly are what you think!

Change Circumstance Change Attitude

If your thoughts are filled with worry, anger, skepticism, disappointment, sadness and self loathing, it should be no surprise when your attitude is filled with those same emotions. Many of us go through our days saying all these negative things and wonder why we feel crummy at the end of each day… However, when your thoughts are filled with happiness, motivation, gratitude, hope and love, your attitude becomes quite different and reflects those positive emotions.

The things we tell ourselves become reality over time.ย 

When a child is learning to walk, do we tell them ‘they aren’t enough’ or ‘silly for trying’ every time they fall? No, we do the exact opposite and actually praise them for giving it a shot! They are putting themselves out there, trying something risky, trying something new and we are thrilled for them. However, as we get older we often times lose that praise for ourselves. If we attempt something and it doesn’t quite work as planned we are ‘stupid for trying’ or ‘not smart enough’ or ‘not good enough’. But the sad part is, the more we tell ourselves these things the more we believe them and the less likely we are to try again.

So as important as it is to be a good listener to others, it is also really important to listen to yourself. We really do digest our thoughts the same way we digest our food. When you eat something terribly unhealthy, you are low in energy and feel crummy. When you eat something nutritious, you feel energized and ready to conquer the world. The things you say to yourself are doing the same exact thing. So the next time you put yourself down or pump yourself up, take note of it and notice what it is doing to your body and your mood.

Now the thing is, we cannot and should not be completely positive all of the time – it’s about balance… Just like you should indulge in your favorite treat when you mindfully want to, there will be times where you need to give yourself a swift kick in the a** when you have done something out of line with your goals and/or beliefs. But the important thing is to just be mindful about it. Simply starting to listen and notice is the first step in creating healthier thoughts.

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Additionally, having a practice of reflection helps us become more in tune with ourselves – whether that is yoga, meditation, a daily walk or whatever may resonate with you. When we have time to pause and be rather than do, it opens up the space for us to listen and notice. And finally, praising the times you feel you have done a good job is a great reminder that it really isn’t all bad… even when it feels that way! This can be in the form of a journal or just keeping track on an app on your phone and come can come from the simplest things, like making another person smile. This repetition of saying “good job” to ourselves or taking note of the things we are grateful for adds up over time and that is where the true change starts to happen.

You are most likely reading this site because you are interested in the health and well being of your body, so feed your mind the same way you feed your body – with love and compassion!

Happy holidays to you and yours from me and mine! I’ll see you all in 2014 :).


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    Thanks for mentioning this topic Chelsea! Most of us rarely pay attention to what we put into our minds every day. But when youโ€™re angry, scared or aroused, your thoughts trigger neurochemical reactions in your body, preparing you to fight or flight or love.

    Even more, what you think regularly shapes your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world โ€“ and what you believe ultimately steers your actions.
    So your mental diet matters as much as your food intake does! ๐Ÿ™‚

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