30 Things I am Grateful For

While it is important to take time each and every day to be grateful, I think Thanksgiving is a perfect day to list out many of the things that you appreciate in your life. Given this is my 30th year, here are 30 things I am grateful for… in no particular order as there are many more beyond this list!

Gratitude is the best Attitude

1. My amazing husband. He is my best friend, my adventure partner and still the most romantic guy I know. I am so lucky to have him and appreciate all the amazing gestures he makes to keep me feeling happy, special and loved.

2. My health. I am so grateful that I have a healthy body, a functioning mind and the desire to use both of those things.

3. My family and extended family. I feel so lucky to be both a Liebelt and a Dinsmore. This has allowed me to be surrounded by so many wonderful people that I love in their own unique ways.

4. My friends. They support me and make me laugh. They are there when I need them and even when I am afraid to ask.

5. My job and the dream team I get to work with at The Dailey Method. My boss is one of the most amazing women I have ever met and my co-workers inspire me on a daily basis. I am grateful every single day to be in the position that I am in.

6. My beautiful city. I love San Francisco’s beauty, energy and the people it attracts. I feel so lucky to live here.

7. Different seasons. I live in California where many people think we don’t actually have seasons. But I notice and love the change in food each season, the change in color each season and I love the energy each season brings.

8. My coach, Debra, who keeps me grounded.

9. Time spent with loved ones. I love holidays and traditions (like girls weekends away) for this reason and am always better because of the time I spend with the people I love.

10. The freedom and flexibility I have in my life right now. I know I’ll be in for a big change when we think about having children!!!

Be Grateful for this day

11. Sunsets and sunrises. Both make me stop, reflect and appreciate each and every day.

12. Traveling. I am grateful that I have a lifestyle that allows me to travel, that I have the curiosity to pursue travel and that I have the means to physically do so.

13. Wine country and that I get to live so close to it. I am truly taken to another place the moment I enter wine country and I love that I get to experience that within an hours drive.

14. Cooking. I love the creativity (and yummy results) of trying a new meal.

15. That I live one block away from 2 of my closest friends.

16. All my past experiences that have helped prepare me for today. From the character and morals I received from my parents growing up to the education and experiences I had in school to the interactions I have had along the way. All of them, even the difficult ones, have shaped me.

17. Warm baths. I love to cool down (while warming up) in a warm bath at the end of the day. It is oh-so relaxing.

18. That I have things to look forward to. Whether it is a birthday party, a baby/bridal shower, a weekend with friends/family or a trip on the horizon.

19. My book, wine and cooking clubs that allow me to see my friends on a regular basis.

20. That I have a cozy home and a warm bed to sleep in each night.

21. Farmer’s markets and the mission they serve.

22. Reading in bed at night. This is another one of those simple moments that I love so much.

23. That I am able to feel love, gratitude and compassion. But also that I can feel fear, loss and discomfort as these things help me grow.

24. Mornings without an alarm clock.

25. The easy access I have to healthy food.

26. A nice glass of wine. Enough said.

27. Baked goods, especially from my favorite bakery down the street.

28. Music. I love the immediate rush you feel when you hear a song that inspires you. My days are so much fun because of music!

29. The holiday season! I love the decorations, the spirit and the holiday cheer :).

30. Last but certainly not least, all of you! I appreciate you for subscribing to my blog, for having an interest in a healthier and more balanced life. All of you are the reason Food-Life Balance exists. Thank you for being a part of it!

With gratitude,



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