The Best & Worst of Cleansing


There is no better way to track your feelings and failures/successes than by writing them all down. We too often forget the good things we feel and can’t seem to forget the bad. If I didn’t write it out, I might think “I was miserable on that silly cleanse.”

So to fill you in, I avoided all of the above for 14 days and abided by certain food combinations. Each of those 14 days I wrote out how I was feeling both physically and emotionally and below is the recap of the best, the worst and my take aways.

First off, why did I do this? My body does so much to keep me happy and healthy that I always like to return the favor and give health back to it so when The Dailey Method decided to pursue The Conscious Cleanse nationwide, I jumped onboard. And it didn’t hurt that I had a group of people around me doing it as well!

I had some people say to me: “Chelsea, you are so healthy why are you doing this cleanse?” I truly think we can learn and grow from every experience that challenges us, so while I do feel that I am pretty darn healthy overall, I knew that I’d get something out of this. So I committed to this program and managed to stay with it even though there were quite a few times when I wanted to give up!

The Best

1. I feel clean from the inside out. It feels like my insides went through one of those really intense car washes and it has made me feel vibrant and caused everything to run smoothly and efficiently.

2. I feel proud and accomplished that I stuck to this program. There were lots of days where I wanted things I couldn’t have but I didn’t give in and for that I feel proud.

3. I found some new recipes and created some habits I have really come to enjoy, like my morning walk with lemon water. I’ve continued to walk every morning despite the fact it has been raining here in SF – a little rain can’t scare me away :).

The Worst

1. Traveling. I visited our Indianapolis studio over the second weekend of the cleanse and traveling was really hard. For the first 10 days, I was able to cook for myself and be in the comfort of my home with healthy snacks, etc. but traveling was difficult. Due to flight delays, I ate all three of my meals in the airport last Thursday and ordering the Greek salad minus everything Greek meant I was left with lettuce + cucumbers… This left me unsatisfied to the point that I ate three bananas in a row a few hours later. I never thought it possible to binge on bananas…

2. Food combining. This was a challenge I wasn’t expecting because I’m used to only eating veggies, plant based proteins and whole grains anyway. But even at our local organic restaurant, The Plant, I had to modify to the point that it took several minutes to take my order. This was kind of embarrassing when out with others and also limited our options for social outings. There was one day that Scott ate at The Plant for lunch and dinner because our options were so limited… and even there we had to modify!

3. The feeling of being restricted. I’ve done several challenges in the past and the feeling of being restricted is not one I get along with. I felt healthy, balanced and cleansed at about day 7. By day 10 I was over it and by day 12 I was actually angry at the cleanse and at myself for doing it. There are lots of theories about these feelings and how they are part of the cleansing process and I know that the biggest growth can happen when you are challenged beyond your comfort zone…but I just don’t want to be angry the next time I go to dinner with friends on a Saturday night :).

The Takeaway

Am I glad I did it? Yes.

Would I do it again? I will continue to give my body mini breaks but with less rigidity.

Starting this Fall, I started to do a 5-7 day ‘reset’ once a month and I plan to continue with this but I also think it’s unhealthy to be too rigid. So I will certainly continue to ‘press reset’ – I prefer this term over cleanse because cleanse implies that something needs to be cleaned out where as a reset is just a good way to give your body a break – but not at the expense of my social life or personal happiness.

I also firmly believe in finding balance as that allows for ease and happiness. I drink my green juice in the morning and eat my greens throughout the day (which I totally enjoy) and if I want to have a glass of wine or some dessert at night, that’s perfectly ok!

So overall, I am happy I did it and I will continue to nourish my body while listening to its needs… but I’ll just make sure to have some fun while doing it!

Feel free to share your cleansing experiences below.

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