A Refreshing Morning Ritual


As many of you know, I am on day 11 of a 14 day cleanse. Of course, I have been focused on the food portion of the cleanse but one of the best benefits that has come out of this is that I started a morning ritual that is incredibly refreshing.

A required part of the cleanse is to drink a quart of warm lemon water each morning and night. So day 2, I decided to take advantage of this amazingly beautiful place I live in and drink my water on a walk in the morning. I generally go on an evening walk most nights of the week but this cleanse began right at the change of daylight savings causing it to get dark before I am home some days… meaning I’ve traded my sunsets for sunrises!


I spend 20-30 minutes – sometimes with Scott, sometimes listening to music or an inspirational audiobook and sometimes listening to nothing at all… but I have grown to love my morning walks and my morning lemon water. I like to stop and smell the roses at my neighbors house and see the calm of the Palace of Fine Arts before the day begins. There’s something quite magical about the day before it has been touched by anything at all. On a few mornings I’ve even seen the sun pop it’s head up to say “Good Morning San Francisco.”


Now I know not everyone lives in a place where they can walk outside or can make an extra 20 minutes in the morning. There are mornings where I have to rush out too, so on those days, I have chosen to enjoy my evening lemon water with a warm bath. I get that same calming effect but rather than feeling the opportunities the day has to offer, I feel a sense of closure – which too makes me calm and refreshed.

While I am ready for the cleanse to be over (please pass the pizza!), I am also looking forward to continuing this ritual. It may not happen everyday, and that is ok, but I know the days it does happen will be better because I took the time to spend a few moments nourishing my mind and body with something other than food.

photo (20)

All the pictures in the post were taken over the past few weeks on my morning walks :).

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