The No-Fail Way to Improve Your Mood


Scott performing one of his favorite activities in Koh Lanta, Thailand

When you do the things you love, you can’t help but smile from the inside. This not only makes you feel better but is a contagious energy that affects everyone around you.

So take time to notice when you feel amazing (whether it is a warm fuzzy feeling inside, you find yourself smiling for what seems like no reason or that moment you want to pinch yourself because you feel so happy/grateful) and write down what you are doing. Over time, you will create a list of things that put you in your peak state. Then anytime, you might not be feeling so great, you have a resource to turn to that will cheer you up or pull you out of a funk you might be in.

What is it that lights you up?

For me that includes:

1. Cooking – surprise! 🙂

2. Having fresh flowers in the house

3. Visiting farmer’s markets

4. Walks during the sunset

5. Quality time with Scott and/or friends

6. A glass of wine, a cup of tea, and long meals

7. Reading a good book in bed

8. Going to the movies

9. Listening to songs that put me in a great mood – how can you not be happy when listening to Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band?

10. Sending letters via postal mail

11. The Dailey Method – both taking class and teaching it

12. Picking up the phone to call a friend

13. Dancing like no one is watching, especially when it is break dancing…

14. Hosting dinner parties

15. Exploring the world!

So if you aren’t feeling so great, whatever the reason may be, turn on your favorite song, pick up your phone or schedule a dinner party that you can look forward to.

The more time you spend doing things you love, the more you will improve your outlook on life, and the more time you will spend in your peak state. As I write this I am drinking a cup of tea and listening to Hawaiian music because it makes me feel like I am right back there – and I LOVE every second of it! Take the time to nourish your mind, body and soul… you deserve it.

I’m off to go teach, then call an old friend!



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