The Best Way to Deal With Challenges…

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When life challenges you, when you do something incorrectly, when you don’t get what you expected, when you can’t control (because you rarely can)… remember to just roll with it.

Life really has a funny way of taking care of us sometimes. When you are presented with a challenge, often times it is because there is something within you that that needs to be addressed. Maybe it is something you are holding onto, something that was left unresolved or maybe you just need to stop, step back and self-reflect. But the more we resist the challenge or the process that it is taking us through, the more difficult it will be.

Instead of looking at challenges as set backs, try to embrace them. Of course it is not always easy, but do your best to just let go of expectations and reactions (or judgement about your reactions!) and literally just roll with it.

I try to remind myself that I cannot always understand why something is happening but I know that somehow, someway,  I will be better because of it. Whether we are forced to look within, gain a new perspective or learn a lesson that will help us as we move forward, every challenge presents an opportunity to grow.

So embrace, enjoy and keep on rolling…

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