Creativity: The Best Way to Inspire Yourself!

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I attended a conference a few months ago called The World Domination Summit. The title can be a little confusing but basically the conference is about how to live an unconventional (aka a totally awesome) life in a conventional world. There were a series of speakers that I thought were really amazing and I left the conference feeling inspired about many things, but even after I got home there were a few ideas that I just couldn’t shake. One being the importance of creativity.

One of the speakers, Chase Jarvis, spoke about creativity and how in this day in age, it is squashed as we get older. He discussed it’s importance in our lives and how being creative is not limited to your traditional idea of  an artist. I have always said that my brother got all the creative genes in our family. He can draw, photograph, mix music, and has explored everything from airbrushing to graffiti… and excelled at all of it! Totally not fair, right?! I was the science/numbers girl growing up so for a long time I just stuck to the books and gave up on exploring my creativity.

However, Chase argues that creativity is simply creating something from nothing. This can happen in any shape or form that works for you. That may mean putting words on a piece of paper (or online), building a business, doing a dance, or in my case cooking. I’ve come to love cooking and a huge part of that is because it is MY way to be creative. I’ve always thought of myself as “not the creative type” because I can’t draw, sing or play any sort of musical instrument to save my life, but I have learned how to take a few ingredients and spin them in to a meal. I can create something from nothing… and the best part about it all is that I feel inspired and interested to learn more. Inspiration and the desire to learn/grow often times comes from others (like watching to Chase’s talk which you can view here) but there are few ways you can inspire yourself. I am a firm believer that expressing your creativity, whatever way that may be, is one of those ways.

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The important thing to remember, though, is that this was not natural for me. I did not wake up one day and know how to cook. I invested time, sweat, love and tears (yes, there have been plenty of tears), to get to a place where I feel ok having friends over for a meal. We think those who are naturals are the only creative types but it’s important to remember that you may have to work towards it too. Most likely you’ll have to work really hard! However, I see that as part of the beauty of it all… Growing up, we are told what to learn but to find something that is interesting enough that you tell yourself to learn it, now that it is extraordinary! That desire to explore and learn more about something that lights you up brings out a sense of excitement and fulfillment that can’t be duplicated elsewhere.

I happen to find creativity in the kitchen but I challenge you to explore what works for you. Find something that inspires you to want to learn and grow and you’ll be amazed by the childlike excitement that follows. It may take a little patience to get comfortable doing it but as Charles Peacock said “It’s not just about creativity, its about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating.”

So, here’s to creating something from nothing and inspiring yourself  along the way – who knows, you may impact a few others as well!


  1. Robert says

    Great post,
    I am currently reading Icarus deception by Seth Godin and it’s been a life changer to say the least.Creativity can take multiple forms and l know that with music,there are a nucleus who truly push boundaries and the rest of those “so called artists” are copycats.Il happens with all genres.And yes,cooking involve a great deal of creativity!

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