The Power of Intention

Always Be kinder

My dear friend gave me a little chalkboard as part of my birthday gift this year and I love it because it is not only totally adorable but also because what may be just a chalkboard to one is a powerful tool for me. Every week, I write a phrase or quote that resonates with me and keep it somewhere that I am sure to see it several times a day. And just from this little chalkboard I have been reminded of the power of intention and repetition.

Last week, my quote was “There is beauty in imperfection” (after I was inspired by those funny little carrots) and I found myself embracing all my little imperfections… I was reminded that these are the things that make me ME… and sometimes, I can be pretty awesome! This week I was drawn towards something to do with kindness so my quote for the week is “Always be kinder than necessary.” And you know what, I have found myself giving longer hugs, leaving ‘just because’ messages for people and being kinder to strangers and the locals I see every day. All because of one silly quote on one little chalkboard that I happen to see everyday.

So I encourage you to try it out. Find a way that works for YOU to be intentional about something, whether it be a word or a phrase or an act… and then create repetition so you are constantly reminded of it, whether you put a reminder on your calendar every few hours, have a ritual or maybe you just need to go out and buy a chalkboard…


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